Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Mawmaw and the Pawpaw

Yayy! We get to pick up both babies from daycare the same day. And treating us all to ice cream.  Just the littles, the Mawmaw, and the Pawpaw. Spoil city here we come. 

With security clearance we have them both checked out and loaded up. 

It seemed like getting a security clearance. After showing my ID, photo copying my ID, signing and initialing forms, and waiting for the buzzer to sound to open the door, I get escorted to their rooms and enter thru the door. 

I hear grand music announcing "Mawmaw is here to pick you up", And I envision my little one running  to me with open arms and I pick him/her up and dance around and hug and kiss. But when the teacher calls my name several times, and I snap back to the real moment, I only hear nursery rhyme songs playing and some cries in the background . I did this twice. You know there are 2 little ones. 

So, pawpaw buckles  them in, and we stop for a NomNom Yogurt treat. 

They sit like two big kids, no longer little babies and listen to pawpaw's instructions. 

Enjoying their yogurt and hoping enjoying 
Their time with the Mawmaw and the 

Fun Fun Fun with a little rivalry. 

I could use more days like this. 


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Pegi said...

Certainly grand moments of your life! They are adoreable and getting so big - - and they still 'look alike' ! :>)

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