Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Days of March And April

March and April are long months with  a lot going on. There was a birthday for Julie. There was the preparation and celebration of our Risen Savior for the Easter holiday, And the beginning of spring that brings on new things to do.

Julie's birthday in the beginning of March and mine in the end of February. Julie's birthday shared a cake with me for my belated birthday. It was made special with cards and gifts to celebrate her day.

Happy Birthday Julie!

I participated in a 5K race (fast pace walk for us) with family. It was on the chilly side for the day. But was fun for our first 5k.

The crafty side of me made an Easter hopping bunny banner. I gathered baskets and goodies and dyed eggs waiting for the little ones to come and take pictures of eggs and green grass and Easter doings.  Not happening. One little one was sick and they didn't come. The other little one was fussy and not interested in my Easter agenda. 

I played photographer and created a pink Easter collection of pictures for Brooklyn while I was baby sitting one day. 

I got the picture pose idea from Pinterest of the one with the stuffed animals all lined up with the baby. 

So cute. But not as easy as it looks. 

And Cohen's Easter pictures taken by his mommy.

Perfect pictures outside with the green lilly leaves. 

Spring brings on new things to do. 

Cohen gets his first boat ride on the river. He takes after my love for the water. It'll be an all summer outing for him and his daddy.



Brooklyn entered her first beauty pageant "2013 Children's Easter Pageant". It was her special day as she placed 1st runner up, Most Beautiful, Pretties Eyes, and People's Choice Queen.

The last of the month found us with a crawfish boil. And a few days left to spare till April arrives.


And of course me and the babies. 

Can't get enough of them!

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