Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day 2008 filled with family, food, and fun.
The table is garnished with traditional Thanksgiving turkey and all the trimmings.
We give thanks to our God for bountiful blessings.
After a delicious and ful-filling dinner we visited and shared stories of the past weeks and with expectations for the coming weeks.

Then outside we go to particiapte in a little family competiton, with gifts and prizes to be had by all. The weather outside is terrific. Such a beautiful day with partly clBaoudy in the low 70's. You can hear the crunch crunch on the fallen autumn leaves as we walk all around.
There is the archery competition. And 4-wheeler riding.

All the outside play worked up the appetite for a light supper of leaftovers.
A day well spent to renew family ties.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Wising you and yours a blessed Thanksgiving Day.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Friday, November 14, 2008

Heirlooms for you...

The past few weeks I have completed 2 more quilts. I had one quilt top already put together, but never quilted. So I got busy with getting my batting, lining, new needle and thread together. I set up my quilt frame. I don't have a picture of it in action, but I will make a mental note to take a picture of quilting in progress.
The quilts I make are for my children and other family members. I pass them on to them sometimes as soon as they are made. And some I just stash in my antique cedar wardrobe to keep and have so that one day I can divide them among children and family. And of course some I really really like and I keep for myself!!
This quilt is very simple. Large squares from my "fabric stash" stripped together with this awesome shiny silky fabric.

Can you tell how pretty the stripping is? This is a single bed size quilt.
This next quilt,( I must confess), is kind of a "cheater" quilt. Well not kind of, it really is. I found this great piece of fabric. I liked it and bought all there was on the bolt while thinking "my it already looks like a quilt." So with keeping that in mind, I just teamed it up with batting and a coordinating matching sheet for the bottom and quilted it around the pre-printed design. And voila!! an instant quilt.
This one was so quick an easy. I will keep my eye open for some ideal fabric to do this again. I have a few more creations to work on in the coming weeks.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Get well and other updates

1. Brandon has strep throat. He missed most of all last week from work. He went to dr. got shot and medicine. He has been getting this quite often. I hope that early morning fishing trip on that cool morning out on the water didn't trigger the strep.

2. Trent has his new house up for sale. He hopes he sells!! We will help him move again.

3. Jennifer and Julie are the strong, healthy, take care of everyone girls. Thanks Jennifer and Julie for taking care of your men while they are sick.

While 2 of the guys are recuperating and while the girls are playing nurses, (which they aren't just playing, they are real nurses in their real life professions, Jennifer is a nurse now and Julie will graduate next Dec in medical socialwork) start making your Christmas list for Santa. Santa has already been in touch with me for the lists. So get the list to me ASAP!!

One last note of info: get ready for the Annual Ritchie Thanksgiving with competitions, games, and prizes to win!!!


Friday, November 7, 2008

Thought for the day

"Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable to you, O LORD, my rock and my redeemer." Psalm 19:14 NRSV

Would you change the way you live if you knew that every word and thought would be examined by God first? David asks that God approve his words and thoughts as though they were sacrifices brought to the altar. As you begin each day, determine that God's love will guide what you say and how you think.Ask for God's help in controlling what you say.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Morning Stroll

I love taking a quick evening stroll. I am a fast walker so it becomes my exercise and a way to just release all the pinned up energy and stress and it relieves my boggled mind. But I have changed my evening walk to a morning walk because with the time change it's gets too dark too early to take my walk after I get home.

This morning it went like this:

6:15 - I am ready and am getting Poochie ready with her leash. If I don't take her she will bark the entire time I am gone and when I get back it will be a disaster waiting for me - chewed up paper, socks, shoes, etc. ( she has now chewed the corner of one of the bed shams and has torn a sofa pillow in shreds with white stuffing found everywhere).
6:25 - Out the door, hollering at Poochie to wait, and we here a snort, snort and then rustling in the leaves. Then we see the quick flash of 2 deer running away. These pictures are ones we took with our camo digital electronic camera that you hide in the woods and it takes pictures by motion detection.
So I'm using these pictures we had already taken because I did not have my cell phone camera with me. And of course by the time I could snap it they would be gone.

6:30 - So I go down the beaten path which I have made into my walking track, and I tripped over something and down on the ground I rolled. And I seemed to have rolled and tumbled a few feet or so away. You know the feeling when your going down and you just can't stop? Well that's what it was like. I had let go of Poochie's leash and she was way gone. But when I sat up and kind of laughed at my self and fussing at myself for getting dirty, Poochie must have heard me because she ran back to me as if to see if I was ok.

6:45 - I gave up and went back to the house to get ready for work again!

I'll try again tomorrow morning!


Sunday, November 2, 2008


We had no trick or treaters at our house where we live now because we are in the wilderness - long drive way far off the road and no neighbors for a 1/4 mile around. So take a peek at our kids in their costumes when they were little.

See some monsters, black cat, cowboy, Mickey or could that be Minnie, and witches:


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