Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Santa gifts

We stopped to see the grands' Santa gifts. What fun!

Cohen, all of 3 and 1/2 years old is officially a dirt bike rider. With training wheels and the cutest helmet. 

He's good at driving and the gas and the brakes. Just like his daddy. 

And the girls a Elsa Frozen jeep. So cute. And they, too, can drive. Pushing the electric gas and steer. 

Who doesn't like Santa? Except when you take your picture with him. 

Monday, December 28, 2015

Joyful, Joyful Christmas


Christmas is the best. Everyone's on their best behavior, sharing, giving, receiving. Nothing could be nicer. 

As our tradition goes we say grace and eat first. To get it out of the way. People can go back and eat more anytime later in the day. 

We always read the Christmas story next. It's so sweet that the little ones are learning the Christmas Story. 

At Thanksgiving Dinner we draw names for Christmas gift giving. By Christmas Day we're ready to exchange our Christmas gifts to each other. We've only been planning and waiting for a month. 

Even adults tear into their gifts. 

Kids again. 

Adults again.

It was a Very Merry Christmas.

Christmas 2015 Starting at left around the couch -
 Julie, Cohen, Brandon, Peggy, Bobbie, Jennifer, Chris, Brynlee, Larry (just the corner of his head), and Trent

Starting at left on floor - 
Me, Joy (the new rescue dog of Trent and  Natalie, thus the post title), Natalie, and Brooklyn in Natalie's lap. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Pre-Christmas Day

And It's become a tradition. Fun. Joy. Peace. Christmasy. And everything tied into one. 

Just me and the little ones for a full day of  Christmas stuff. The pawpaw was in and out, mainly for lunch. 

A pizza lunch with Christmas snacks was on the menu. We wait for the pizza delivery guy, the door bell rings, the dog barks fiercely and everyone bombards the pizza guy at the door. 

Then there's project Rudolph. We've also done this same tradition at Easter with a bunny and egg project and Halloween with pumpkins and black cat projects. And I've got a Valentine Day in the plans. 

We all had a special Christmas hat to wear for the day. Cohen - Star Wars. Brooklyn - Elsa. Brynlee - Olaf. And me the Santa Red Hat. These three year olds are very into crafting. 

Even the 18 month old can make her own Rudolph. She keeps up with the big ones.

Rudolph's all done!

Then we sang Christmas songs. Turned a Christmas movie on. And opened gifts
that I brought just for today.

And played the rest of the day.  Games and snacks over and over.

And no nap!! They love me for that. 

We took a walk around the block to get some sunshine and look at the outside Christmas decorations at all the neighbors. 

One happy day with me and them.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Plus More October Celebrations

The youngest of the middle generation turned 3-0 . Geez, time flies. So the  family birthday cake for the month of October goes to Brooklyn for 3 years and Trent for the end of the 20's. 

We threw in our Anniversary celebration, too, all 41 years that tells our story and had birthdays and anniversary dinner on the river. 

Thankful always!

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