Saturday, July 30, 2016

A Birthday Party

Happy Fourth Birthday to Cohen!
A four-year old birthday theme of beach balls and water slide full of sun, water, cake and presents and sliding all afternoon.

Almost everyone took advantage of the chance to get wet and cool off in the 100 degree temps. 

Then the birthday cake to share with all the guests. 

Singing Happy Birthday and blowing out the candles.

Opening presents is always fun.

And a lot of Teenage Ninja Turtles in the mix of gifts. 

Happy Birthday!! Four Years Old!

Time does go by so fast. Can't believe you're 4! I love watching you grow up. 

Friday, July 29, 2016

RVing on the 4th

Yogi Bear campground was our destination for the family 4th of July. Everything you expect on the 4th happened for us that weekend. Sun, water, food, and fireworks to name a few.

With temperatures reaching top of the nineties, we were glad to have pools and a splash pad to keep cool. 

With two large pools and a kiddie pool, everyday we headed for the water. Sliding was the best. We couldn't keep them away. 

Kids and adults took to the water like fish.

The pools were the highlight of every day. 

Snowballs were welcomed everyday, too, 
and chilling out at the RV site. 

And then fireworks for the 4th. Loud and colorful against the dusk sky. We made our way to the lake straight from the pool is why we're in swimsuits. 

It was by far the highlight of the weekend for me with a few hundred campers gathered at the lake at dusk saying the Pledge Allegiance to the Flag waving against the sky and singing National Anthem and firecrackers begin to pop and crackle and stream across the night sky. 

It was sweet to watch the little ones take it all in and I hope it's a tradition we can participate in every year.

It was a Happy 4th.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Cinderella Day

We came away with some titles at the Cinderella State Pageant. We didn't take home the Overall winner in their Divisions, but did get some of the top four titles. There were Overall Division Winner, Division Beauty, Division Photogenic, and Division Personality with competition in casual wear, party dress, and playtime.

It went quickly with a lot of competition. 

And also a little stressful in the hallway while waiting for group stage time. 

They did great and couldn't have looked any cuter. 

We came away with Brooklyn getting Cinderella Tiny Tot Photogenic and 3rd runner-up in Overall Tiny Tot.  And Brynlee bringing home Cinderella Baby Beauty and 1st runner-up in Overall Baby.

I've said before "I LOVE PAGEANTS". And so do they.

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