Friday, January 30, 2009

The New Trent in 2009

Trent has been full steam ahead for the last year.

First, in 2007 he lived in a mobile home on my home inherited property in Walker. Then in February 2008 he bought a nice cute brick house in Livingston. His first house at 22 years old.

He moved in enjoying his new house. He also got engaged. And then like the flick of a light switch he broke off the engagement. Then having been in the house for 10 months called us up and said I selling my house and buying a 5th wheel camper trailer to work out of state. We were not shocked, because Trent has a mind of his own! Within 2 weeks of his house being put on the market it sold in December.

He did just what he said. He bought this 5th wheel camper trailer.

Here he is moving it out to the woods on my home property in Walker. It kinda got stuck. But all is well now. It is very nice. Small of course compared to his 3 bedroom house. But it has 2 bedrooms 1.5 baths. Really cute, cute. It's all 1 person needs temporarily.

But he is still at the same job, goes to school 2 nights a week, and has not ventured out of state for working, yet!

He never seems to surprise us when he calls and says "I'm going to _____."


Monday, January 26, 2009

Too much help

I trying to get some sewing done. I use an upstairs room for my sewing and stuff.
I'm doing this project on the floor because my cutting table is taken over with pink for another project.
This is a valentine scrub top I am making for Jennifer for her to wear for valentines day at work.
Poochie just recently learned to go up and down the stairs. She now goes up and down constantly and just sits on the landing looking down thru the banister. Then she proceeded to visit me and attack my material and pattern. See the paper in her mouth.
Here she has grabbed the #6 piece of the pattern which is the pocket. She would not listen to me and give it back. She actually ate it. At least it is a piece that is easy to reproduce - just a square pocket.
And this is not the first time she has done this. I left things out one day and when I went upstairs there was newspaper that I had used to make a pattern all over the floor shredded into a lot of pieces. She got in a bag and got brand new wrapped in it's package binding unrolled all over the floor.

Poor Poochie, she trys to help too much.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Larry, my husband of 34 years and father of our children. He is a loving husband and father. He is supportive in whatever his family's dreams and goals are. He is encouraging to each one of us to reach for our dreams and goals. He honors our God and lives by faith in our Living God. He is a great provider and teacher. He is the disciplinarian to our children, even when it may hurt him more than it does them.

After work we spent a quite evening at home with a cozy supper and birthday cake and ice cream for just us two. All the kids called today to "happy birthday" their dad. And his mom and sisters called too.

Happy Birthday and many more!! Love,
gin, brandon, julie, jennifer, rob, trent

Friday, January 16, 2009

Family Day

Last week end me and my sisters' families got together for a birthday party for 2 year old Annalyce. She is my great-niece. She is a sweetheart. We managed to get a couple group pictures. We are missing a few members of the family who could not attend.

We had a good time. Enjoyed burgers and dogs with all the trimmings. I got to see Matt and Jill's new house. It's not new to them anymore. But it was the first time I have seen it. It is very lovely. Everything was so nice. We ate, visited. Watch Annalyce open gifts and eat ice cream and cake. And it was a Dora cake. Who doesn't like Dora? No matter how old you are. Dora is one popular girl!

It was fun. And I am looking forward to the next big get together. Then hopefully Trent, Rob, Larry, Bobbie, and Tim will get to be there. So good to spend time together!!


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Anniversary

To Brandon & Julie. Today is their 2nd wedding anniversary.
Wishing you two a great day together!!
Love, Mom Dad
Jennifer Rob

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New sewer in the family

Jennifer came today to visit while her husband was at work (It's New Years Day). We met her in town on her way so we could all eat lunch. Rob got her a sewing machine for Christmas and she brought it with her to get a little sewing lesson in. After we ate lunch we did a little shopping to get some fabric.

Once we made it back to the wilderness, we got busy with the sewing lesson. She bought some fish print fabric and wanted to make some pajama pants for him. I had a pattern already, so we got to work. She actually did all the cutting out, pinning, ironing and sewing. Now it is a fact that she took Home Ec in high school only a few years ago. She was not the sewing type at that time and did not have any interest in it what so ever. But once you get married, have your own home, and have some extra time your interest changes. (Or because your husband gives you a sewing machine for a gift you want to at least try your hand at it?) What ever the reason, Jennifer was very pleased with the out come of the fish pj pants for her husband.She did rather well for her second time to make something in her entire life. She was so funny - she kept asking if I was sure this would still be together after it was washed, and asking how does the sewing machine do this? She thought the sewing machine would do more of the work than it did. Like she had to keep the material straight under the foot, she thought the machine should take care of that!!

The finished fish pj pants!!

After she got home, Rob called me and said he had the fish pj pants on and he was very impressed. They fit perfect and he loved the fish print. He said there was no pockets though.
We will work on that for the next pair I assured him.

So watch out rest of the family --- she's making you some next!!!


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