Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Latest in Pageants

The I'm After the Sunburst Nationals, there was Cinderella Preliminary. Always a great pageant. We've done every year. 

Brynlee at just 1 year cried and wasn't happy. Which has been her usual routine lately at pageants. She placed Cinderellja Baby Photogenic. 

And Brooklyn Cinderella Tiny Tot Overall Queen. Yay!! She did great. 

The Walker Pine Tree Festival Pageant we've also participated in every year. 
Brooklyn 3rd runner up. 

She loves pageants. 

Brynlee did awesome. No crying. No fussing. Walked out on stage by herself. But did not place. But that's ok.

A Circus Circus pageant. Just for fun. It was beauty dress and OOC.
They both got 3rd place. 
Brooklyn in beauty dress. 

Brooklyn a pop corn vendor. 

Brynlee in beauty dress. 

And little circus lion.

And a Christmas Angels pageant. 

Christmas Angels 
Brynlee - 1st, best fashion 
Brooklyn - Princess (next to Queen), most beautiful, best personality, photogenic, and overall photogenic 

Brooklyn - Princess (next to Queen), most beautiful, best personality, photogenic, and overall photogenic

She is so into pageants and going on stage.

And the Southern States Expo. 

Brynlee - Prettiest eyes.

Brooklyn- Queen and best fashion 

It's been fun.

Friday, January 1, 2016

End of 2015

Every year we say the year just flew by. Yet if we stop and reflect back on the year we've really crammed a lot into 365 days. 

There is work 5 days aweek. There is 13 family birthdays to celebrate. That's averages one a month with holidays to celebrate threw in the mix. There's always vacation, house maintenance, yard work, hobbies, shopping, and boring tasks that take up the days in between. There's visiting and caring and helping family and friends. There's church and doctor appointments if you went. And a hundred other happenings I left out. 

The last night of the year is a goodbye to the old and hello to the new. 

So as we say every year at this time HAPPY NEW YEAR. 

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