Sunday, August 24, 2014

Finally at Grandmother's

This post goes with the you tube video posted yesterday

Grandmother is a name given a pageant director 
Who is laying down her crowning skills. She getti
 A little older and forgetful and needs all the help 
She can get to pull off her pageants now, so they 

So she gave a farewell pageant and we participated 
And enjoyed it and learned some valuable pointers 
And finally Brooklyn did it at Grandmother's pageant.

The princess cheer outfit, and pompoms, and he
Smile won her Grand Supreme.

She had fun. And did so good all on her own. 

She placed grand Supreme
In 0-5 age division. Which is the  highest score in
That age group breakdown. There were 3 other age 
Group breakdowns with a Grand Supreme also. 
The only other higher award was the Ultimate which was 
The highest score of all the contestants. And that went to a 17 year old.z

It really is fun for a day. We never know what the outcome will be or how she will act.
We show up definitely not knowing what to expect each time. 


Saturday, August 23, 2014

You have received a YouTube video!

This is a video of Brooklyn at a pageant. A post about it will follow in a few days. It is poor quality video and is sideways. But I can't fix it. It's for her to watch years from now on my "mominthewilderness'" blog.


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Beach Bums

Not every person made it to the beach for vacation.  I am that person who didn't make it. I like the water, the sand, the sun, the amusements, the hotel life. But so far have not enjoyed it this summer.

So,  instead of me at the beach, here are my little beach bums at the beach. They went the same week. One to Fort Walton. One to Destin. And the parents sent me pictures everyday. Those  of you who see me on FB have already seen most of these. Those who have not, enjoy!

His very own sand castle!! 

Just getting started with her sand castle. 

Even the pool is good. 

They said she liked the waves coming in. 

At the beach everyday for a whole week. 

Waves big as her.

Can't keep him out of the water. 

Or her either. 

A nap on the beach is heaven.

.I can totally relate!

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