Sunday, January 3, 2010


So you're tired of looking at my dog's Christmas pictures? Can't say that I blame you!

We had an uneventful New Year's Eve. Just the 2 of us. Our children had their own friends and parties to attend, and probably slept late New Year's Day. So we did our traditional New Year's Eve thing, which  consisted of a few movies on the flat screen until midnight, eating and drinking. I must have drank a whole 6-pack (of coke) by myself from about 6pm to midnight. And that Blue Moon thing was going on, too.  The Blue Moon thing took the place of fire works for us. It was a bright pretty moon here in the wilderness, with just a wide open sky with no city lights to interfere. I kept saying it really did look blue. (that could have been the 6-pack talking).

Time for back to work, getting the house back in order, and me waiting for summer to hit!



Cuzn said...

Gin - Happy New Year - May all the dreams of you and your family all come true in 2010. peg

P.S. - - I enjoyed seeing "Poochie's Christmas Pix!

SmilingSally said...

I hope you have a good day/year at work, Gin. Happy New Year.

Bobbie said...

So YOU are the one in the family with the drinking problem

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