Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pictures without Santa

Traditions of your children's picture with Santa is always loads of fun.  Especially with babies and very young children who are afraid of Santa and are screaming and kicking while Santa is trying to hold them.  I have had my share of those fun memories.  It's like you really expect and have to have a picture of a child not liking Santa.

I don't have any small children anymore to get pictures sitting on Santa's lap. Even though I am sure my adult kids would be more than happy to sit on Santa's lap if they would be guaranteed the gift they asked for!

But, I did have fun taking pictures of our "child-like" "house-pet" dog.  But, without Santa. Sorry they are blurry. But I'm holding cell phone camera with one hand and holding her down with the other.

This one she is barking at me.

  This one I was bribing her with a treat.

Here she is finally getting use to the idea. But she wouldn't look at me.

Merry Christmas!



Cuzn said...

How cute ! - Looks as though "Poochie" is getting into the Spirit of Christmas. Merry Christmas :> Peg

Ginger said...

I can remember the days of taking the kids to see Santa and hoping they wouldn't scream. I'm surprised I didn't traumatize them to where they needed therapy when they grew up. lol.
Love your doggie.
Merry Christmas to you, Gin

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

My kids always loved talking to Santa, don't remember them crying ...lol..do remember Baby Boy pulling Santa's bread off and declaring, for the world to hear, "see I told ya he wasn't real"...he was 4 at the time...
I love your fur baby he is just precious...
Merry Christmas to you

Kathi said...

Hi Gin, I thought I'd pop over and say hello. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. God bless you. Kathi

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