Sunday, September 27, 2009

About the cow

Regarding my previous post about all the truck accidents, I do have a report on the cow that was involved.
As the story went, there was one large cow standing in the road. And as the driver rounded the curve (at the posted speed limit) there before his very eyes was this large longhorn Texas cow just standing there.

Brakes were applied, in hopes of avoiding the accident, but unfortunately the poor cow was hit. And sadly did not recover. The cow died in the accident.

It might as well been a whole herd of cattle. Picture this as you are driving down the road.
And you just can't avoid the situation.



Cuzn said...

That's a pretty good looking cow - - however - my thoughts are (if anyone is interested) - - Since the other party is actually a cow - (with no insurance) - I assume the driver involved will need to be responsible in repairing his vehicle. I think it's a shame - becuz it actually is not his fault - because although the accident occurred in a rural area - it's still against the law to have cattle roaming to and fro. I would go further to assume the owner of the cow will not come forward to pay for damages to the vehicle involved. - - Anyway, I am thankful the driver involved was not harmed - (by the cow or the truck itself) - - I bet that's a pix he'll see in his mind for a long time. We never know what we will incur on any given morning. This gets really involved - -I'm led to another question - who exactly had to 'extricate' the cow from the premises after the accident.
Once again let me say - I'm very thankful no one was hurt.

Ginger said...

I tried to comment on your blog the other day and it wouldn't let me, so I'm back.
Glad your hubby wasn't hurt. That is so scary. My hubby hit a deer last summer when he was going fishing. Rounded a bend, and there it was. He bought an alarm type thing to go on the front of his truck that makes a sound if an animal is in the road. Don't know if it will work or not, but he's giving it a try.
The deer was smaller than that cow, and it didn't cause that much damage to the truck. but it was scary too.

Sharon said...

That is so scary! Around here the problem are deer. You just never know when one might jump out in front of you. I am sooooo thankful that Trent is okay.

Hugs, Sharon

SmilingSally said...

What a scare! I don't know if it's true, but I've heard that you can't use that dead cow for meat. Seems a waste.

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