Thursday, January 1, 2009

New sewer in the family

Jennifer came today to visit while her husband was at work (It's New Years Day). We met her in town on her way so we could all eat lunch. Rob got her a sewing machine for Christmas and she brought it with her to get a little sewing lesson in. After we ate lunch we did a little shopping to get some fabric.

Once we made it back to the wilderness, we got busy with the sewing lesson. She bought some fish print fabric and wanted to make some pajama pants for him. I had a pattern already, so we got to work. She actually did all the cutting out, pinning, ironing and sewing. Now it is a fact that she took Home Ec in high school only a few years ago. She was not the sewing type at that time and did not have any interest in it what so ever. But once you get married, have your own home, and have some extra time your interest changes. (Or because your husband gives you a sewing machine for a gift you want to at least try your hand at it?) What ever the reason, Jennifer was very pleased with the out come of the fish pj pants for her husband.She did rather well for her second time to make something in her entire life. She was so funny - she kept asking if I was sure this would still be together after it was washed, and asking how does the sewing machine do this? She thought the sewing machine would do more of the work than it did. Like she had to keep the material straight under the foot, she thought the machine should take care of that!!

The finished fish pj pants!!

After she got home, Rob called me and said he had the fish pj pants on and he was very impressed. They fit perfect and he loved the fish print. He said there was no pockets though.
We will work on that for the next pair I assured him.

So watch out rest of the family --- she's making you some next!!!



Cuzn said...

Gin - - - Enjoyed the story about the new Seamstress in your family. Looks like she did a great job ! - - - Sewing is a good hobby to have - - at least we'll know what to get her as Christmas and Birthday Gifts.

I love your family stories !

So - where did ya'll go eat for lunch :) ?

the Michel's said...

Hey Ginger! I found your other blog. I thought my comment would get lost in the sea of comments for your give-away!! WoW! you have huge traffic on your blog! Anyway, please tell me you received at least two of my e-mails??? I did receive yours. I had a computer queston which some how resolved it self, and an invite to all of you to visit us next sunday. Jennifer sounds like me when CC first showed me how to use my machine!lol

the Michel's said...

Hey Ginger I e-mailed you with the details, but I am not sure if my e-mail is working correctly so I will blog you the details also. CC and Aimee's family will be here Sunday for lunch. You and everyone you mentioned are welcome to join us! Our home Jan 11th,
12 pm. Let us know.

Yarni Gras! said...

what a great story. My mother didn't do stuff with me, but my dad did. I always envy those who are close with their wonderful!

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