Friday, January 16, 2009

Family Day

Last week end me and my sisters' families got together for a birthday party for 2 year old Annalyce. She is my great-niece. She is a sweetheart. We managed to get a couple group pictures. We are missing a few members of the family who could not attend.

We had a good time. Enjoyed burgers and dogs with all the trimmings. I got to see Matt and Jill's new house. It's not new to them anymore. But it was the first time I have seen it. It is very lovely. Everything was so nice. We ate, visited. Watch Annalyce open gifts and eat ice cream and cake. And it was a Dora cake. Who doesn't like Dora? No matter how old you are. Dora is one popular girl!

It was fun. And I am looking forward to the next big get together. Then hopefully Trent, Rob, Larry, Bobbie, and Tim will get to be there. So good to spend time together!!



GinGin said...

Can't wait for my grandson's FIRST birthday!! Birthdays are so fun especially for littleones. Beautiful family.

Cuzn said...

Yes it was fun - - hope everyone will be able to make the next one.

With only 3 sisters -- we are a pretty big family!

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