Sunday, December 7, 2008

At our house....

Decorations are going up and the Christmas tree lights are being plugged in.

My favorite ornament is a snowflake with with picture of the kids when they were little. The stockings are being hung, and the mantle and stair banister is beginning to twinkle. The mantle is set with 3 twinkling Christmas trees set on a blanket of lighted snow with a deer in the midst and candle lamps on each end. And my wire reindeer resting on the hearth.

The candles are lit with a glowing winter fragrance. My Santa plates are put in view with a candle lamp surrounded by 2 white milk glass reindeer. My table is set with a crystal bowl full of shiny red, green, blue, silver and gold glass ball ornaments. And I am using a table runner of green and gold with shiny glass beads on the end. This is one of the many table runners I made a few months ago.

The door wreath I made from live branches from the edge of the woods is being hung with a smile, while songs of Christmas can be heard in the background. I make a similar one every year. I have a round wire base, I wrap fresh branches around and attach with what ever I have at the time -- florist tape, string, twist ties, like I said whatever I have at the time. I will also cut some holly berry branches from the woods and attach them, and then dash a little glitter on the pine cones. It is hanging on the barn door right now until I finish.

The gifts will be wrapped. The menu planned. We'll ride around to see the lights. We'll be visiting family and friends. We'll attend Christmas plays and view the live Nativity Scene. Christmas Day will be here soon.



Cuzn said...

Gin - - everything is so Christmasy - - - all you need now is a little snow ! ! !

so nice - - -

GinGin said...

I found you by chance. Your name caught my eye. My name is Ginny and GinGin to my 9 month old grandson. Just wanted to say hi, hope to see you again soon. I love your blog. It is beautiful. I would love to live in the wilderness. Your Christmas decorations are beautiful too. Hope to visit again soon. GinGin

I also enjoyed all of your inspiration. I've been married 30 years. Good for us!!!

atara said...

Wow. Your blog is so pretty!

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