Wednesday, December 3, 2008

In the "Dog House"

Poochie went to the poochie parlor last week. It's called the "Dog House". She got a true doggie groom. Her coat has been long soft and silky. I brush her several times a week. I really hated to see it cut, but now with all the autumn leaves that has fallen she brings oodles of leaves inside. Now she looks like this.
This is Poochie running thru the leaves.
She's all grown up now with a grown up hair cut. The family canines came to visit for Thanksgiving. This is the trio:
Macy --- Molly ----- Poochie


Cuzn said...

Gin - "Poochie" has certainly grown up ! - - - The neck scarf really enhances his character !

and the 3 'babies' play well together !

Sweetina said...

Hi Gin!
Congratulations on your award!
I have to say, your Poochie is so sweet!What a cutie!
Your home is so pretty with all the yummy decorations!
Glad I founf your blog through Holly!

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