Saturday, October 18, 2008

A very autumn day

It was 12 noon, Thursday, a work day, time for lunch. I left not knowing what to do for my hour lunch. I rode around the city. It was a pretty fall day, sun shining, 83 degrees. I didn't want to eat. I was bored, lonely, wanted to be anywhere but here. I looked at the clock on the dash board, it was 12:56 pm. I was just 4 blocks from work. I headed back to the office. There on the left was a big white bed sheet size sign "yard sale today only". I took the next turn to turn around and go back. This was a nice neighborhood, large houses, nice vehicles, pools in their back yard. Nice tree lined boulevard. You get the picture. I didn't intend on buying anything, my main reason for stopping was just to see the house and the yard. I pulled up in the drive way. There awaiting me was a young man and woman, 3 little boys, lush landscape, iron fence around the pool, just a magazine portrait! As I walked around looking at the sale items, and glimpsing at the house and yard, there it was, my find! Two large, stocky, wood porch rockers. I sat in one. It was so dreamy comfortable. The young man said "they're not too bad are they? $10 apiece." My thoughts raced - I don't need these, I have 2 rockers on my back porch and 2 rockers on my front porch. But my wants said - but you can't pass these up. 20 bucks! If you don't use them, think about your kids and their porches! I told the man, I only have $5 on me. Can you hold the 5 till I go to the ATM. He said just go get the money, they are yours! I went to the atm, paid for the rockers, he loaded them up, and I got to work at 1:09. It couldn't have been a better lunch hour!

They are loaded up and off I go. Just a little bit of polishing up is all they need.

I'm happy!

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Cuzn said...

what a delightful lunch !
the rocking ch
airs are very nice !

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