Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dinner Guests

Look who found her way to maw maw's house. It's Macy. She and Brandon & Julie came to visit. I don't have to tell you how cute and adorable and spoiled she is --(Julie and Macy)!
And a few weeks back when Jennifer and Rob visited, Molly came too and I failed to post her picture. So here is Molly, a poo/chon (part poodle/part bichon frisse). And she is just as cute and adorable and spoiled!

And I can't leave out our "Poochie" who they played with.
Now, Trent hasn't been to visit in a few weeks, so since I don't have a picture of his dog, I will put a picture of his truck he recently bought after his other one was wrecked. It is a big, pretty, red truck.

The day in a dog's life is great.


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Cuzn said...

well - - the grand-dogs are precious - - - (and appear to be spoiled ! :) - - but - Trent's truck really looks as though he is 'spoiled' - Nice photos

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