Monday, February 9, 2015


Time is flying. It's Feb 9 and January needs telling.
January is filled with the usual.
  * baby sitting
  * New Year fireworks
  * and 3 birthdays

They are getting so big. But they are suppose too. It's a good thing.
Since I'm a project kinda gal, I've got them projecting along with me
Making a handprint keepsake.

It was interesting, to say the least, to see what 2 year olds can accomplish
In a matter of minutes. We had to be fast, or it would have been a disaster.
Picture a substance similar to modeling clay in the hands of 2 year olds and one
Six month old.

After getting handprints for the 600th time, I completed the project
Myself by adding the paint after I got them interested in a snack and cartoon
Time to get everyone quiet and still.

No picture of the finished project. But it was finished.  It was a project.
And it came out really cute!

New Years with out fireworks is just not 
New Years.  Even though a little chilly and  
A little wet, we waited around for a short time for the ride of the nite. 

So cute. But get out of the way!

Then the fireworks. But on a low, low, low, scale.  

The three poor bday boys are still waiting for their bday family celebration. And with a wedding anniversary thrown in the mix 
For January celebrations.  I promise we will do that ASAP!!

And, there's always time for the entertaining times of pageantry. A little pre-Valentines Cupids Cuties crowned this one Queen in the 2 year old division. 

She deserved it. She was the best! 
And baby sister was just as cute!


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