Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Beach Bums

Not every person made it to the beach for vacation.  I am that person who didn't make it. I like the water, the sand, the sun, the amusements, the hotel life. But so far have not enjoyed it this summer.

So,  instead of me at the beach, here are my little beach bums at the beach. They went the same week. One to Fort Walton. One to Destin. And the parents sent me pictures everyday. Those  of you who see me on FB have already seen most of these. Those who have not, enjoy!

His very own sand castle!! 

Just getting started with her sand castle. 

Even the pool is good. 

They said she liked the waves coming in. 

At the beach everyday for a whole week. 

Waves big as her.

Can't keep him out of the water. 

Or her either. 

A nap on the beach is heaven.

.I can totally relate!

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Pegi said...

Yes ! Looks as though the 'little ones' truly enjoyed the Beach ! Adoreable ! There 'swim wear' is cute !

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