Monday, May 12, 2014

The 70's Today

Miss Heart of the USA is a local, state, and national level scholarship pageant that we participated in at the local level last weekend. It's primary focus is for food drives for communities for the participants to give back to their community. 

You can read about this great organization at

Of course with Brooklyn being only 1 and 1/2 years old, we made it a family affair recruiting sisters and aunts and uncles in collecting. Although We didnt collect the most foods to win that Category, we did collect our fair share. 

The theme this year is the 70's and outfit was to dress in 70's theme wear. I didn't make This outfit. I kinda went creatively blank on this one.  So it was ordered from a fb page pageant designer/
seamstress online at "Sweeter Than Candy Pageant Wear".

And here she is.  Can you say so cute?

Just adorable. Some one said a Jane Fonda look. What about those boots!
Made from sparkly stretchy fabric that is worn over the shoes. 

And she did great on stage too (with her preggo mommy). Her scores were all 10's and 9's in a group of 10 in her division. 

A little winner with 1st runner up, best fashion, and prettiest eyes. 

And of course we don't always win or always place.  But it's always an experience and always fun. 


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