Tuesday, February 4, 2014

No Crown This Time

A fun day at LA Cameo Girl Pageant with a little one who kept us entertained.

No queens crown, but she got a 3rd place trophy. And that was just fine with her. She walked off the stage and down the isle carrying her own big trophy like it was the best ever.  


She played most of the time. She sat down on the stage and then laid down . 
She did wave to the judges. And put her fingers in her mouth.  She's a 15 month old busy baby toddler. 

Of course during the awards she was perfectly at attention doing what she was suppose to do. 


The pageants are fun. We're in it to win of course. She may not have won the top spot this time, but we went in with and came away with the prettiest baby (to us anyway, don't know what the judges were thinking).  It's like any competition, you do your best and be proud of yourself. 

My other little cutie is also the most handsome of all. Here he is checking out the snow on snow day.
Mr Independent.




Pegi said...

I believe you have a Queen & King - as Grandchildren ! Adoreable!

Our Neck of the Woods said...

She looks very happy with her trophy! And Mr. Independent is just adorable!

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