Wednesday, November 20, 2013


There is a National Cinderella Pageant Program. We entered Brooklyn in it. We meaning her mom. I'm just along for the excitement. 

We are into the pageant scene. Just kinda got hooked on it. Brooklyn is the participant and me and Jennifer are enjoying it. Though we don't always win queen, we have met other sweet mommas and grandmas. And have had some fun times.

The Cinderella Pageant is a 3 decade scholarship pageant and from what I have researched it will be an amazing experience. 

It's a 3 tier program. First a local preliminary competition. Then state competition. Then finals at the national level. 

On November 3, Brooklyn competed at the local level in the baby division. 
Baby division awards are Overall, Beauty, Personality, and Photogenic.  The older divisions also have talent and interviews. 

Our Brooklyn placed Baby Cinderella Beauty.  She is invited to the Louisiana State Cinderella Level. How awesome is that!! 

This is the picture we tried to take as we 
were leaving. She was not having a picture.  Aww, poor Cinderella crying.

And then this is after she got home with no shoes, no bow, banner on wrong, but not crying. 

This was Sunday. Didnt know why she was so unhappy until the next day. Seems she was at the doctor's office bright and early diagnosed with an ear infection. 

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