Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Little Pageantry

A weekend of fun with Brooklyn in a 2 day pageant. One on Friday night and the second part on Saturday.

Here she is waiting for the 0-11 months at The Red White Blue Pageant on Friday night.


Then her on stage.


She did good. Except if she would only smile for the judges. She is a wild child sitting out in the audience, laughing and screaming. But once on stage she freezes. But that's ok. She will learn. She placed 2nd out of 12 contestants.

And the casual wear on Saturday.

She is a cutie. If only she would smile for the judges, again, we could breathe a sigh of relief. But not.She looks at them, rather stares at them. But no smile.

On stage with 12 other contestants.

Saturday was 5 pageants with competition only once. With 5 directors of the 5 pageants and 10 judges and awards in each 5. She place 2nd in two, 3rd place in the other 3, and prettiest hair in one. And a lot of gifts awarded. She received a crown, a trophy, a little charm bracelet with a crown charm, a little silver necklace with a pearl droplet, a set of child nail polish, bubble bath and lip gloss, and a toy fishing pole. The fishing pole was her favorite of all.  She did good, and was already the queen in our eyes. 

It was a long morning for her. She was exhausted at the end.

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