Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January Honors

I've been waiting all month for the January family birthday party. It's getting pretty close to the last day of the month. Birthday honorees for the month of January took a little seafood hit. Seafood always hits the spot.

Two honorees for this month's outing were Larry and Chris. A stop at the restaurant and then back to the house for Gambino's cake. Can I say full, ate too much, oh I am stuffed.

Then a girl's walk around the block. It was mainly to look at the new houses being built. Some were just about finished and they were left unlocked. So a nosey tour inside to see the new builds and a walk and talk and ended back for some baby time.


yaya said...

Happy January birthdays! Looks like a fun outing too. I laughed when you wrote about the walk and looking at the new homes. My good friend Donna (Starkey Hollow) and I always used to walk and she couldn't resist going into new construction..even climbing up on the rafters in unfinished houses! I like walking at night to peek in the windows..wait, that sounds creepy..I just look from the sidewalk to see how they decorate! OK, that sounded creepy too...never mind!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

That sounds fun. I adore seafood!

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