Saturday, December 1, 2012


December 1st. Gosh. It got here fast.
December has a lot going for it. Of course Christmas for one thing. There is a lot to do. I love the Christmas lights, Christmas carols, Christmas plays at churches and schools, and nativities.

BUT, also this December brings a new plan for me. This mom will be away from the wilderness on weekdays and going down home to babysit one of my babies while the mom returns to work. I will be in heaven to say the least.

BUT, not only being with both my babies everyday during the week, I will also get to visit more with family and friends from back home. So watch out sisters out there you will probably get fed up with my appearance at your door all week long for a month.

BUT, I also will be leaving Larry in the wilderness for the week. He will come down during the week some. But he will be busy too. There is hunting going on. And the weather is still warm enough to go fishing. Plus there is some around the house duties that must be done.

The month will fly by I am sure.

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Cuzn said...

Sooooo - - whose the happiest - grandmother - or grandbabies! - i bet it's tie - - I know it will be a Joyful time. It's a wonderful time of the year ! ! ENJOY - Looking forward to visiting w/you!

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